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Crown Fitness Club – Membership Information

We have limited our membership numbers due to the current situation.  Any new members will have to join online and book a gym session through our booking system.

Call NOW on 01443 217837

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We have three types of membership so it is pretty easy to get started.

We have a one month rolling membership which means you can join for a few months and see out it goes and if you are not making the most of your membership you can leave by giving one month’s notice.

If you know that you want to commit to a longer membership you can do this and obviously you will save some money compared to the one month rolling membership.  In this case you can join up on the 12 month rolling membership, which again requires a one month notice period.

We also offer a 1 year paid in full membership.

Joining Fee
There is a one off joining fee to get your membership started, which once paid never has to be paid again, (as long as your membership remains current). The price of this joining fee is available on joining and will vary from time to time.

Guest Fees – £6 – pay for your session here – GUEST BOOKING

Age Limits
Membership is only available to over 16s.

We do not accept cash or cheques – only debit/credit cards – sorry.